It is of imperative importance that readers take the effort to carefully study these questions and our answers before selecting or appointing the right event management company. By doing so, readers would also further educate themselves and improve their organizing skills for future purposes.

Question 1
Would it be wise to host an event via a company that is not a Full Time Event Management Company but provides event consultancy as a supplementary service ?
Answer : NO.
Our Rationale :
The client is better off dealing direct with the executioners as communications of what is desired will not be turned and twisted. Besides, parties in the middle are not experienced in execution possibilities where technicalities are applicable. All technical possibilities have limitations. UNDERSTANDING these possibilities come with years of hands on experience.

Question 2
Are communications of what is desired normally turned and twisted by parties who act in the capacity of communication experts and arbitrators ?
Answer : YES
Our Rationale :
Parties in the middle naturally want to achieve greater profit margins and so would normally commit that everything desired is possible. Nevertheless, cost of products, product rentals and service quality will be compromised when engaging actual executioners.

Question 3
Would it be wise to engage or appoint any event company without finding their strengths and fortes?
Answer : NO
Our Rationale :
Events today are of a very broad spectrum. Anything and everything that happens is an event. So why appoint an event company that specializes in exhibitions or road-shows if your event priorities are on entertainment and audio visual requirements?

Question 4
Are supplementary Sound and Lighting cost a necessity?
Answer : YES
Our Rationale :
The client is spending a fair bit on Food & Beverage where dining related events are concerned. However, Food and Beverages do not meet the mark when produced in mass. Most attendees would oblige a dining event out of formality. As such, most events are complemented with entertainment. Though the entertainment may be in the form of dance, live music or other forms of art, the quality of sound should never be compromised because it simply delivers an unseen effect. Lightings should also be well synchronized with sound because it is the finer things that are put into perfect harmony to produce a great show, thus leaving behind an unforgettable impact. It is your obligation to CHECK if speakers, its components and equipment is genuine and has not been tampered with merely to create a named impression of value.

Question 5
Is there such a thing as "Cheap & Best" ?
Answer : NO
Our Rationale :
Your forthcoming event is a one time event that marks a moment in time like all other events. By the time the client learns that the impact of the event has been compromised, it will be too late. Whilst shopping, do not fall for the cheapest without knowing if it is worth the cost of objective failure. Make careful comparisons and find the hidden catch.

Question 6
Are there event management companies that provide "Cheap & Best"?
Answer : YES
Our Rationale :
Why Not ? If they have already committed and promised a yes to everything you require and, at prices you desire, why else would they have to hold back from doing a job just to generate a one of revenue. Be sure to identify if this is a "Fly by Nite" company that's just out to make a quick buck. Companies as such normally do not know what they are dealing with, do not have a passion for shared success and are definitely in-genuine to say Long Term. These would normally come from companies that make false claims that they have everything "In-House" and that they are capable of doing everything at any event. Where one individual company is concerned, the truth in Malaysia is far from that.


If you, a group of you, or the establishment you represent is planning to host an event soon, we strongly urge you to run through these questions before appointing your Event Management Team.

1) Which Event Company is RELIABLE and CAPABLE ?

2) Which Event Company has crew members with EDUCATIONAL backgrounds ?

3) Which Event Company actually delivers a 5 STAR SERVICES ?

4) Which Event Company takes great concern over the client's IMAGE ?

5) Which Event Company provides clients with CONDITIONAL GUARANTEES?

6) Which Event Company take BRAND DISPLAY into account when executing ?

7)Which Event Company works with LOCALIZED Brand Ambassadors (NATION WIDE AVAILABLE) to reduce fees incurred during national projects ?

8) Which Event Company guides the Client through non quality compromising COST EVASION where certain licenses may not be necessary ?

9) Which Event Company offers 100 % Genuine Software without charging 400 % more ?

10) Which Event Company comes with TRACK RECORD of success measurable ?

11) Which Event Company has the most MOTIVATED SUPPLIERS because of being great paymaster ?

12) Which Event Company BELIEVES AND PRACTICES strongly that suppliers must be paid first even if clients delay payments?

13) Which Event Company BELIEVES AND PRACTICES that a sale is not made until it is delivered, paid up for and earned ?

14) Which Event Company provides CONDITIONAL GUARANTEES ?

15) Which Event Company provides BRANDED AND IMPORTED Equipment ?

16) Which Event Company practices strict DISCIPLINE whilst on the job ?

17) Which Event Company works at ANY HOUR of day or night to ensure deliverance ?

18) Which Event Company is ALWAYS PREPARED with Power Tools to fix what suppliers or venue crew may fail to complete ?

19) Which Event Company looks at complaints as an opportunity to learn and thus, better SERVE for future events ?

20) Which Event Company is READY to CATER for crowds of up to 12,000 in numbers ?

21) Which Event Company is ever ready to have prospects picked up from their homes and CHAUFFEURED to the equipment warehouse for EQUIPMENT INSPECTION.

22) Which Event Company strives to DELIVER worthiness on prices paid ?

23) Which Event Company has all of the above QUALITIES and yet believe high overheads are not a necessity that can be reflected in clients being victimized ?

If all of the above questions have been carefully read and understood, you have now taken a step closer towards us. Allow us at WSL On-TIME EVENTS Sdn. Bhd. to take ten steps closer toward you. Kindly fill up the base inquiry form attached and send it back to us ( via our electronic mail services ) to help us help you.