It's Simply An Attitude We Preserve...

When WSL was founded in 1999, it all began with a few simple theories. Objectively, we do not commit to jobs we can't handle by ourselves. It always comes with this personal touch even if it means 16 hours a day, everyday. Secondly, we continue to develop without advertising and strongly believe that with a well calibrated production of results, customer service as well as fair pricing, the good word would slowly but surely take us to greater possibilities of serving you better. Mostly, we are still a group of companies that pour out the same level of service, regardless of your event's size. To us, a "CUSTOMER" is nothing less than what it spells because in our vocabulary, the words chauvinism and discrimination do not exist.

Today, it is through these basic principles, that we continue to tailor your various customs. As a qualified hotelier with years of experience, you may rest assured that my colleagues and I will continue to lash out five star qualities. Our customer care and affection standards, continuously demands the induction of your satisfaction at every event take on. We don't just do it. We do it right every time around. With this guarantee that we confidently commit, I remain

Yours in events,

Sham Singam
Dip -HCM, H.Dip(SWI)
Event Co-ordinator

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