Before we begin, WSL takes an overview assessment of the event and offers our better recommendations on producing the greatest reach to best fit the objectives of your organization.

Creating Realistic Budgets
As WSL has supported numerous events, we take a realistic approach to cost and resource needs. We prepare budgets and update our clients of any additional items / request which may create an impact on the budget. Approval to proceed can only be obtained with the client's signature on the Project Change Notice Forms.

Managing Production Schedules
From the very first day, WSL will create a schedule that works for the client and this is to ensure that the event can be produced in the most organized manner. The schedule is updated constantly and is used as a reference point by all team members.

Coordinating Contractors
WSL has built business relationships with the best contractors in all technical areas. We have the expertise to manage complex elements involve in events, such as : Banquet Events/Dining Events, Audio Visual Events + Sound and Lights, Decorations + Indoor and Outdoor, Dancers + Models, Entertainers + Live Bands, Staging, Digital Video-Graphy, Power Generations, Catering + Furnishing, Brand Ambassadors + Promoters.

Quality Control
WSL constantly monitors our contractors to ensure that they meet work and safety obligations. We supervise progression and regularly update clients.

WSL functions as a dedicated team to work on each project from start to finish and this team is constantly in contact with the clients. This principle underscores our believe that communication is the key to success in a well coordinated event.

Technical Specialists
In our role as Technical Solution providers, the organization and yourself may rest assured as WSL shall :

Design efficient use of space
To ensure the space allocated fits your event needs. After having experience planning and fitting of events, we are experienced in ensuring that space will allow for the maximum number of attendance and optimum sight lines.

Prepare technical drawings
To prepare detailed drawings for the suppliers, of the venue and the government licensing to ensure that everything fits appropriately and that all parties concerned are informed of all essentials technical elements of the production.

Provide technical systems
Part of our expertise lies in specifying the suitable technical system according to the venue, audience and event requirements. Our technicians are familiar with the latest technology and special effects and will ensure that all systems utilized are compatible.

On Site Management
When it gets down to the event management business, WSL ensures that everyone involved is able to work as a team in a safe and productive manner, that does not compromise on safety standards. Only authorized personnel are given on site security access.